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Padi Divemaster Internship

Right, not 100% as to how much to write, but the overall review is pretty much 5 stars.

I was picked up from the airport which I thought was really good, everyone was really friendly from the word go. Made some good friends in my time at easy divers, not just with the staff and other interns but also with everyone at local bars as well (it is a very good relationship between the dive shop and the pub. I found this made it easier to settle in and also made sure I always had at least someone to chat to of an evening.)

The accommodation was good, pretty basic but to be honest most of the time you are either under water or out somewhere so it was all you really needed. Internet was great too.

I was thrown straight into the diving and dived pretty much every day which was a good point, even on days where we were doing DM theory, we still had a chance to get wet. The sites were amazing, and the water was very warm. Cyprus has definitely proven to be the best diving I have ever done, the icing on the cake being the Zenobia wreck!

The course itself was very interesting, with regards to DM theory and speciality courses. But it was also quite challenging (just ask jim about the swims), however by far some of the best experience I have gained was by helping with DSD’s. I am glad I got to try pretty much all aspects of what it is to be a divemaster; working the compressor, helping on DSD’s/ cert divers, helping with PadiOW or rescue courses etc. It would have been nice to do a few more fun dives, but at the same time I understand, I am there to learn not just have fun.

The social aspect of Cyprus was also very good (I won’t go into too many details here) but nights out did help to make my dive internship what it was.

Once again, thanks to everyone at easy divers; hope to dive with you again some time.


PADI E-Learner Student

E-learning was great. Before the holiday I could learn the whole material. Every lesson contains pictures, can be read and listened at the same time. There are many questions through the lessons, so I could always make sure that I memorized the most important things. It was possible to contact the diving centre in case I had any question, but the lessons were very clear so I did not really have them.

As not being a native English speaker having the course online without time limit gave me the possibility to check the diving terms (e.g. buoyancy, density, fin) in the dictionary and learn them before arriving to the dive centre, therefore when I arrived I did not have any language problem. eLearning has many Languages, which are now available. I had to fill in only a short test therefore the school could check that I indeed know the basics. After this we directly drove to the diving spot and I could enjoy the sea immediately. Without this I should have spent my first 2-3 days in the class room.

I had only positive experience and really can suggest this possibility to everybody.

Kind regards


Padi IDC Candidates

I was a candidate in the IDC being conducted by Joey A. Ridge (From EZ divers – Cyprus). I was nervous and apprehensive about the course, and had been revising for months, but was put immediately at ease when I met him. Very easy to get along with and as a result, I had the most enjoyable 2 weeks I could have ever hoped for.

I knew the Padi IDC course was never going to be easy due to the amount of work and knowledge needed to complete it, but I think I have came out of this a much better diver, with a lot better understanding of what it means to work with, and get the best out of your students.

The time seemed to fly by and before I knew it, the IE was upon me, but I felt more than ready due to the training received and was successful in my exams. I couldn’t have been happier!!!

I would thoroughly recommend anyone hoping to become an instructor to seek Joey Ridge out, and I would appreciate it if you could pass on my comments to him.

Many thanks to Dave and Chris, who were the examiners, good time had by all.



Zenobia Wreck Dive Trips

I highly recommend this dive and EZ Divers to anybody who will be visiting Cyprus. We did two dives, the first exploring the cargo hold, the aft ramp doors of the ship, and the screws and the second exploring the front of the ship including the bow, the dining room, the bridge, and a lifeboat. The Zenobia was carrying just over 100 Lorries (trucks) and many of them are still visible in the hold or at the bottom where they spilled onto the sea floor during the sinking. Swimming through the restaurant and the bridge is a cool experience, which offers ample exit points with natural light visible at all times in the event of an emergency. There is no current in the harbour and visibility is excellent.

EZ Divers, like many of the dive shops on Cyprus, is run and staffed by British expats. The Divemasters are friendly and laid back and don’t micromanage the diving. EZ Divers is a good choice as well because they offer free transportation from hotels in Ayia Napa (and Protaras) to the dive site and back. They run their own boat for local and private trips, but most of the other dive ops, don’t have this option. A nice lunch on the Zenobia Queen dive boat is included with the trip to the Zenobia Shipwreck.

The Zenobia is a can’t-miss dive for anybody headed to Cyprus.

All the best, John

Diving with Disabilities or Illnesses

Hello Easy Divers Cyprus!

I have attached a letter to explain to you the experience you gave me while I was on holiday in Cyprus, recently.

Dear Easy Divers,

I would like to say a very big thank you for the overwhelming experience you gave me whilst I was on holiday. It was an experience of a life time, something I never thought I would be able to achieve. When you approached me when I was in the swimming pool at the Hotel and asked me if I would like to try your scuba diving equipment I hastily declined. Even thought I wanted to I believed that due to my MS it would not be possible as I am wheelchair bound. I was overjoyed when you reassured me that my illness would not stop me from being able to take part in your request if it was something that I wanted to do.

After spending time using the equipment in the pool with you I felt so exhilarated from the whole experience and I was so proud of what I had achieved. You then asked me if I would be interested in snorkelling in a nearby cove on an underwater sea safari. I was so excited to be given this opportunity I knew straight away that it was something that I wanted to do. We arranged a time and then met the following morning.

After getting geared up at the cove I was carried over a few rocks in my wheelchair and into the sea. You then helped me out of my wheelchair when we reached a certain depth at all times ensuring my safety and making sure I was fully informed of what was happening and when. You then explained all of the procedures involved in snorkelling and off we went.

I found the sites breathtaking the shoals of tiny fish, larger fish and all kinds of fish all of which were beautiful colours. It was out of this world I never imagined it would be so beautiful. When you handed me a bag of breadcrumbs to feed them I never thought for one moment they would eat it out of my hand let alone that so many would come rushing up to me to take it out of my hands I was that happy I found it hard not to cry.

I remember when you dived down to fish rock and came up with two stones and banged them together, fish came from everywhere truly a site to behold. Moments later you pointed me in the direction of three squid they were absolutely beautiful and we managed to get right up close as we was on the scooter at this point. This was something that you said you had never seen in the cove before. It was all a new experience for me but I was glad that you were able to share a new experience for you with me.

There were many other divers around us when we were getting out of the bay and even though we didn’t not know all of them there was this invisible bond between everybody and everyone was so willing to help lifting me over the rocks.

The atmosphere was incredible it made the experience even more enjoyable and memorable. I would like to gratefully thank you for giving me such a surreal experience.

I will be back in September as discussed to do a padi scuba dive course with a letter off my doctor in hand. I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for not only the experience but in helping me achieve what I thought was impossible.

Many Thanks see you soon!

Beach Cleanupand Padi Project AWARE

Dear Easy Divers,
Just a note to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help out with Project Aware on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. Your team did a great job and special thanks to Joey who led the dive very professionally. It was, I’m sure a very difficult thing to do, to lead seventeen divers but he did a fantastic job, holding it all together very well indeed.

Big thanks


Padi Dive Courses

Hi All, not sure if you remember us (Neil,Morganne& Carter) we did our open water with you in April. Earlier this yr we did some shore dives in Anglesea and the guides were asking us a lot about where we had qualified. Not sure why they were asking but we later found out that they told us we had received excellent training to get our OW…good news!

We are all come back and concluded that we’ll be coming to you again to do our Padi Advanced and padi rescue diver, perhaps October 2011.

Are you open still at that time of yr (school half terms)? If not, it’ll be end of school summer hols.

Cheers all, hope everyone is well and thanks for the great start to our diving!