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Why Scuba diving?
The majority of our planet is made up of water, in fact two thirds of it. So, what better way to explore the beauty of the open water than to get out the Scuba equipment and learn to dive!
The majority of our planet EARTH is made up of water, in fact over 70%. What better way of exploring the Underwater World than donning on your scuba equipment and learning to Scuba Dive!
Our Dive Internships are ideally suited to get you to explore and have adventure while becoming a Dive Professional.

What is involved in Scuba diving whether I’ve booked an Internship or separate day course?
Taking a PADI course and learning to dive, introduces you to a World like no other. Whichever dive internship you undertake whether a PADI Open Water Course or a PADI Professional Internship they will equip you to be responsible diver. All the PADI courses give you dive training, scuba knowledge and skill development as well as confidence in confined and Open Water environments. You will understand the basics of Scuba Diving, and will be able to enhance your own current dive skill level as far as you wish – whatever Scuba Internship you have booked.

Why confined water dives?
Diving in confined water helps you develop basic skills such as setting up equipment combinations, for example removing water from your mask, getting in and out of the water safely, and simply put obtaining the skills you need to Scuba Dive safely. During confine water training you learn to practice and master the motor skills and become more comfortable. Scuba Diving in confined water is great fun.

Why open water dives?
This is what Scuba Diving is all about – exploring the undersea world and being able to enjoy your own local area, or dive holiday scuba excursions. You can take recreational open water diving to the next level if you want to turn your hobby into a professional qualification; a fantastic way to gaining work within the Dive industry. With hands on experience in open water helps you to progress much more than in confined water where you get to learn and practice before going out into open water. Open water training dive builds upon the confine water skills, now in open water you cement the learning. Open water training dives assure your dive instructor that you have mastered and can perform the skills comfortably in an open water dive environment. It’s builds exciting, exhilarating and gets you exploring areas you can’t access on land!

Can I dive on my own?
No. You must always follow safety regulations, no diver ever should go out on his /her own. If you are taking our courses on your own you will always have a dive buddy, your PADI Instructor. Never dive without a partner.

How old do I have to be to learn to dive?
There are varying ages so that the entire family can enjoy Scuba, this begins at age 8 and undertaking the PADI Bubble Maker. In Cyprus you can take your first PADI Scuba Diver course from the age of 10. Our Professional Internships do require that you are 18 years or older.

Are there certain requirements before I can take an Internship place with Easy Diver?
You must be 18 or over. Depending on which Professional Internship you sign up for will depend on your previous certification levels. For example to undertake the Dive Master Internship course you need to have minimum certification of Rescue Diver and have at least 40 logged dives. However, you can join Easy Divers Dive Master Internship as a NON- DIVER and gain all the necessary certifications to become a Dive Master.

Further Professional Internships – Assistant PADI Instructor/PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor will require that you possess the PADI Dive Master. However, either of these professional courses can be completed with an Easy Divers Professional Dive Internships from you being just an Open Water Recreational diver!

I would like to join you on an Internship or day course but I’m not sure that my existing medical condition will prevent me from doing so, what should I do?
In this instance, we recommend that you call Easy Divers and speak directly with the Course Director or one of our Professional Instructors that will advise you what steps you need to take to obtain a Scuba Diving medical certificate. Easy Divers will provide the necessary paper work you require for the doctor.

Do I need a medical certificate even though I have booked?
All PADI Professional Courses held in Cyprus or anywhere in the World require a medical Certificate. One can be obtained from the doctors here in Cyprus. This should not deter you from booking.

Do you guarantee that I will be successful on the course I choose to take?
Easy Divers cannot guarantee that you will qualify on your PADI Professional Course. This is because every diver has their own pace of learning and has individual diver’s ability. We can guarantee though that you will receive 100% tuition for you to obtain the skills required for YOU to become a Professional.

I did pre-book my chosen Internship whilst in the UK but I am now thinking about changing it, can I do this?
Yes – Internship options can be changed for up-grades only or staying on to make further courses.

Can I get a refund if I don’t take the 100 dives that are included in my Course package?
The cost of unused dives cannot be refunded as this is part of the package and not a separate portion of your Course.

I will most likely want to take many dives whilst I stay with you on my Internship, is this possible?
You are entitled to a minimum of 100 dives on some of our courses, however if you believe you will want to dive many more times within your Course duration then you can choose the optional addition of taking unlimited dives.

When do I need to pay after I have booked and made a deposit?
Once you attend the dive centre on your first day, FULL payment will be required, prior to starting the course.

What does my payment cover, as you say training is free?
Dive training is FREE; however your payment covers equipment rental or receiving your ‘OWN’ equipment (depends on which Internship option) and unlimited usage of, resources, study materials and accommodation. It will also cover travel to and from any dive sites we choose to visit.

I notice that some application fees on some Internships are not included in the fee, how do I pay for these extras?
Additional PADI Professional Application fees will be paid directly by you once you complete the PADI application papers and are submitted. Payments are made by credit cards directly to PADI. NOT the dive centre

You say you provide equipment, what does this include?
If you are taking a budget Internship, Easy Divers will provide you with rental equipment for the duration of your course. This includes – boots, fins, mask, snorkel, BCD, wetsuit and regulator.
If you have opted for FULL EQUIPMENT Internship, you will be provided with your very own NEW dive equipment – boots, fins, mask, snorkel, BCD, wetsuit and regulator, dive computer plus your accessories that Professionals need for Scuba Diving and teaching.

Does the fee I pay include travel to the Dive Centre?
If you have chosen a Professional Diving Internship with Easy Divers you will receive complementary airport Pick –Up ONLY. We cannot guarantee your return transfer to the airport as this depends on your return flight time.

If you are staying in the accommodation provided by Easy Divers transport will not be required to the Dive Centre as the accommodation is located above the centre. If you opt to stay in accommodation of your own choice you will be expected to make your own way to the centre.

I think my flight home is booked the day after my proposed last dive, is this recommended?
We recommend strongly that you leave at least 24 hours between your last dive and your flight home. However, you can arrive at the Dive Centre ready for your first dive as soon as you have arrived in Cyprus.

Are dives only taken at the Dive Centre or will we travel out to dive sites around Cyprus?
You will enjoy the fact that we will take you to some exquisite dive sites, otherwise you won’t get the same experience you need to become competent diving in open water. We will teach you in confined spaces and in open water to enhance your knowledge of how to dive safely in both areas.

We’re based in Protaras, near Ayia Napa in Cyprus and have access to some of the best dive sites in the area. During certain Internships you will discover different sites than others, there are some fantastic places to visit and we’ll make sure you learn in the best of those.

Do I need my log book?
YES! If you are already a diver and signing up to one of our Professional PADI Internship programmes you will need to present your dive log. This is required for Dive Master and Instructor Courses. However if you are joining us as a NON –Diver you will receive your log book on your first PADI Course and you will start to log your dives.

I’m insured in the UK to dive, do I need separate insurance when I come and learn with you?
It’s vital that you have the correct insurance so that, in the event you need it, you can rely on the safety net that is your insurance policy. Please speak to your own insurance or a specialist diver insurance company about being insured whilst scuba diving abroad.