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Divemaster Internships

Easy Divers in Cyprus run the most dynamic, updated to the minute PADI Courses in Cyprus. We always keep you on the cutting edge of the dive industry. We use a full multimedia WiFi computerized classroom, HD Plasma TV, LCD projectors, video etc. Using the very latest and up-to-date PADI materials, we ensure that your PADI Internship experience is the most enjoyable, comprehensive and professional diver training available.

Our program can be intense and demanding, whilst being fun, enjoyable and safe. Our instructors work hard to keep diving courses efficient and relaxed program. This is important because people are most receptive to learning and perform their best in our low stress environment.

Our PADI Staff Instructors are dedicated to your training program; they are available to answer any queries or questions you might have regarding your dive course or scuba internship. Extra remedial lectures and workshops are always available and are scheduled during the evenings as required. We have found that this allows for the greatest instructional service and individual attention.

Working in groups gives everyone enough time for discussion and individual feedback and is ideal learning opportunities. You will also profit enormously from the contributions and ideas of your fellow candidates. Team spirit and the ability to work with people and as a team are crucial to your success as a Padi Dive Master or Padi Instructor. We will try to help you to get into the mood.

You are very much encouraged to work together and on your own. We have found that staying at the same accommodation helps this enormously with team bonding and success.

So how do Easy Divers schedule your Scuba Internships?

DiveMaster Internships


Option 1: Dive Master Course ONLY

This Life changing course will prepare you to be a confident individual to arise to any diving situation in your chosen dive destination.

Easy Divers provides you with 30 days accommodation and you’re PADI Dive Master Crew Pack this is a required Padi standard, this is to make YOU more comfortable to achieve your goals. We understand that have the right start is a very important step to you professional dive career.

Prerequisites to enrol on this course:

  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • EFR or First aid certified
  • Minimum 40 dives
  • Current medical certificate

During your 1 month training, Easy Divers will show YOU how to evolve into the perfect Dive Leader!!

While training you will join Padi Discover Scuba Diving Programmes (DSD), certified divers and Padi dive courses. When you are on these different training dives you will follow closely your Padi Dive Instructors and watch how these programmes are structured. After every dive your Instructor will debrief you. Each and every dive YOU must log. Once we feel you have the required experience, it will be your turn to be dive leader.

Our dive internship, you will be mentored by the Padi Instructors it will be YOU doing the pre dive briefings and buddy checks. Once you have become confident YOU will then lead certified divers around different dive sites. Each and every time you are guiding dives and around dive customers YOU are being mentored and evaluated by your Instructors.

During your divemaster internship you have the DM training set out by PADI. Theory, knowledge reviews, skill circuits, rescue scenarios, swims and mapping exercises all must be completed in the time period.

Training is given also on the practical side of how the dive centre is run. You will learn the basics of equipment care, compressor handling, and air bank filling scuba cylinders as well as equipment and diver continuing education sales. Learning these valuable skills will not only make you a Scuba Diving Dive Master but a Padi Dive Master that can adapt to different situations around a dive centre in different parts of the World.

Easy Divers is a Padi Five Star IDC Centre in Cyprus. Our World Class location works with seasonal resort tourist. This means that you will have the opportunity see how a Padi dive resort operates and adapts to changes in tourists from day to day and week to week. You will be assisting alongside your Instructor/mentor in diving activities and public relations. You will see how padi dive centres generate divers, from our select few hotels and speak directly to potential diving tourists who wishes to try diving or arranging certified dive trips. This is your opportunity to be a Real Padi Divemaster in a Real Setting and not just role play at being a dive master. What are you waiting for?

The Padi Dive Master application is a professional fee and is paid directly to PADI. Padi Application fees are NOT included in Padi Divemaster internship, unless stated.

Option 2: Dive Master Internship Course

This option is a two month internship that will train and shape you into the BEST Dive Master on the Island. You will receive sixty day accommodation and all necessary rental equipment and includes all PADI materials.

The first month of your training is designed to make you a better and a more confident recreational diver. During this time you will be trained in the following courses:

  • PADI Open Water Diver (if you do not hold this certification additional fee required)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Emergency First Responder
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • 5 Recreational Specialties, including PADI Enriched Air Diver, O2 Provider and three optional specialties.
  • ALL manuals & certification cards included

As well as gaining your PADI courses you will also join all aspects of scuba training with the dive centres diver customers from the local tourist resort of Protaras. Therefore alongside your Padi Instructor you will shadow and be mentored in Padi Programs and Courses like DSD’s (First Time Divers), DLD’s (Discover Local Diving) certified divers and Padi Recreational Diver Level Courses.

This valuable experience cannot be matched. Along with building local dive knowledge you will be receiving the required number of dives moving you up the ladder towards you Padi Divemaster. You get the opportunity to see and learn how your Padi Instructors manage dive groups, Padi courses and in most circumstances the nervous first time divers. You will encounter problems and learn from the very best PADI Instructors on how they handle these situations in real life on a daily basis.

This valuable first month of training will set the parameters for your Padi Divemaster month of professional training. See Option 1 for the Dive Master Internship role.


Option 3: Dive Master Internship Course

This ultimate Dive Master Internship option provides YOU with your very own set of PROFESSIONAL Dive Equipment. This will enhance your opportunity to leave your 2 month Internship and start your Dive Master role anywhere in the WORLD!!!

The training of this option is the same as Option 2 but with the wow factor of personally owning your own Professional Dive Equipment.

Below is a list of your professional equipment:

  • Mares MR12 1st Stage and Rebel 2nd Stage
  • Mares Rebel Octopus
  • Mares Compact SPG
  • Mares Plana Avanti 3 Open Heel Fins
  • Mares Vector Origin/Sports BCD
  • Suunto ZOOP Dive Computer
  • Wrist Compass
  • Diving Stainless steel Knife
  • MARES Tropic Shorty Wetsuit
  • Easy Divers Masks of your choice
  • Easy Divers Dive Boots
  • Easy Divers Snorkel w/purge valve
  • Easy Divers Mesh Dive Gear Bag
  • Easy Divers Log Binder
  • Underwater divers writing slate
  • Underwater torch
  • Lanyard for dive computer
  • Diver safety pack
  • Emergency pocket mask
  • Easy Divers T-shirts


Join Our Padi Divemaster Internships in Cyprus